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The first and only piano atlas application!

Welcome to the  world's first and only Online Piano Atlas Application website. This app tells you the age of your piano based on whether it is a vertical piano or a grand piano. You will also be able to determine the date and origin of the factory that your piano was built.  Often the original factory was closed, and the brand sold. . Due to this change, many different companies have hands on your piano through the manufacturing process all under the same brand name.The Online Piano Atlas pays attention to this transition from company to company.

One of the many advantages of the app is that the data is all stored on an online server. This allows for real-time user access, guaranteeing acurate and up to date information. The Online Piano Atlas provides and has the capacity to upload new information in just seconds. This means that if you have a request, the OPA can correct and update answers about your piano instantly! Similar catalogues in printed books are tyipcally published every 5 years or more. So they may not provide frequently updated information. 

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Piano age calculator: the age of your piano from a serial number