Do you have a grand or upright piano?


There is a separation between the upright and grand pianos in the database due to the serial numbers. Serial numbers do not necessarily match with the same brand and the same stance of the piano.

To begin a search, simply pick the icon that best portrays your piano. The app will automatically load the appropriate brands for that selection.



Select from hundreds of brands


The database includes a vast number of brands from the past and present, sorted alphabetically and also includes a quick search for your convenience. The lists are not finalized but rather constantly updated and corrected with new information when available. If you do not find your piano brand, contact us, and we will make all efforts to research and upload the relative information.


Was your piano made in Germany or in China?


In the past decades, many piano manufacturers ceased productions, which meant that brands changed ownership.

For example, a brand manufactured in Germany until 1950 may have switched production in 1990 to China. To provide accurate information, we indicate such a change. You will be aware of whether your piano was manufactured in its original factory location or rather in a different one.

Many times serial numbers also contain letters. For example Yamaha or Kawai serial numbers indicate the country of origin by letters all within the serial number. This is also posted in our application.

If the manufacturer is still in operation, we list the link to their website to many it more convenient to visit.


One of the many advantages of our application  is that all the data is stored on our online server. This allows real-time user access., and guarantees acurate and up to date information. We can provide or upload new information in seconds, so when your request is posted, the correct and updated answer comes to you instantly. Similar catalogues in printed books are tyipcally published every 5 years or more. So they may not provide frequently updated information.



The Online Piano Atlas is available in multiple languages


The Online Piano Atlas is available in multiple languages. Currently available languages are: English, German, Hungarian, French, Russian, Simplified Chinese. Languages are user selectable.