About us

Our company has been rebuilding pianos and marketing them since 1992. Each of our team member is certified piano technician, working in a fully equipped 1300 m2 facility.

We have been growing our knowledge by participating in schools, seminars and manufacturer's training sessions  like: Renner factory in Germany, Steingraeber & Söhne factory in Germany, Baldwin factory in USA, Yamaha and Roland factories in Japan, and other schools and seminars in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Italy, Austria.

Since our company is distributing  second hand pianos, we keep at any given time 3-400 instruments in stock ranging from 1800 to today. This allows us to study huge selection of pianos in-depth. In Europe one can find almost every piano brand of the world.


This application is based on the history and manufacturing details of all pianos ever made. Our goal and mission is to provide accurate and quick information about your piano conveniently.

In addition to our expertice, we have been making a huge effort since 1992 collecting the necessary information, by contacting many international museums, manufacturers, rebuilders, technicians, collectors and piano owners. 

We would like to thank all the above supporting the development of the Online Piano Atlas.

We did not only collect and compiled the information, but we are constantly focusing on checking and updating those. For example: many piano action manufacturers mark the date on the action when it was made. When receiving a piano, we check both the actions manufacturing date and the piano serial number. If correction and update needed, we do it, since it is not possible that the piano action was made later than the piano itself. Such inconsistancy from existing publications and information is frequently found, but fortunatelly our software based Piano Atlas is completely flexible to do corrections immediatelly.


We hope you will have good use for the Online Piano Atlas.